4642-2016” – In 2016 there were 4,642 deaths in Pennsylvania alone due to heroin/opiate overdoses. The above images are of the chandelier-like installation art piece titled 4642. It was built to represent, illuminate and visually show the number of deaths that occurred in PA due to the heroin/opiate epidemic our nation is struggling with.
4,642 clear glassine baggies (typical bag for drugs to be sold in) includes a one-inch crystal bead. These are to represent each person who lost their battle to heroin/opiate addiction in Pennsylvania alone in 2016. Each of these crystal-filled baggies have been strung onto various lengths of monofilament (30# Fishing Line). The strung lines of crystal filled bags gently dangle from above by way of a hand-built wooden frame that supports a mesh grid where the over 200 sewn lines support the 4,642 crystal filled baggies.

This was the original chandelier piece that was made for the “Art of Recovery” exhibit held at the Montgomery County Community College, West Campus fine art gallery.