Maegda Line

An all natural product line using raw organic materials along with essential oils.


three oak sprouts

Suitable for men, women, and children

All products are made in small batches using only the finest, raw materials and essential oils. Each is unique and may vary slightly in color, design, and size.

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I create all-natural products 🍋 as a luxury and necessity for my skin.

🌱I am a cancer survivor of PeComa (a type of sarcoma). I hadn’t been very familiar with essential oils before cancer hijacked my life but am so grateful to have found them while in chemo treatment. In the midst of cancer I wasn’t able to do much of anything because my strength (red blood count so low I had blood transfusions every week to keep me alive) and brainpower so hindered that I couldn’t read, I couldn’t watch tv, all I could do was lie in my bed hoping to someday feel better. I thought a lot about death because I came pretty close to it. I lost all my hair, which btw isn’t only scary but chilly too. The one thing that made my spirit happy and helped put my mind at ease was the scent of essential oils on my body or in the diffuser. Valor and Grounding from Young Living made me feel unstoppable and actually gave me champion like feelings. Doterra’s lavender, lemongrass, and mixed blends like forgive and peace brought nature straight to my bed. It was friends of mine – some fans of Doterra and others Young Living – who brought this into my life and I am forever grateful to them. I now make all of my own body products using all-natural, raw materials such as goat’s milk, mango butter, coconut oil, aloe vera gel straight from plants and then add Doterra and Young Living essential oils to the products. I do this because I want to be part of a new movement that exploits – positively – nature and the earth and make acquaintances and learn together with like-minded others.🧚🏼‍♀️🪴🌾


Maegda Line