Female as Object


Female as Object is a series of womanly stories – inconclusive and open to interpretation; beautifully miserable beings poetically poised to suggest an uncertain end. Drawing inspiration from modern pop culture and high-end fashion magazines, appropriating famous advertisements, photographs, and film stills that touch on an all-too American sense of emptiness. The compositions are divorced from the framework of a larger narrative; taking seemingly kinetic moments in time – actions frozen from an unknown narrative and recontextualized into a new narrative that questions reality or fantasy along with various points of literary perspective.

Captivated by the teachings of Carl Jung, Plato, Michel Foucault, Greek mythology, and Joseph Campbell, I now find myself searching for answers within the study of psycho dynamics – the systematic study of the psychological forces that underlie human behavior, especially the dynamic relations between conscious and unconscious motivation – . Maria Maneos

Photography Tim Gutt for Vogue London UK