Fairy Doors

“Fairy Doors” are made from materials found in nature and re-purposed objects. Each title references the place where the materials like sticks and berries and wild flowers were collected.

This project started during the Covid 19 epidemic and quarantine year of 2020 now
into the year 2021.

As I found myself more and more in need of truth and connection to something real my relationship to the earth and nature deepened and became a place of consciousness, serenity, and hope.

I learned about the terms anthropocene and symbiocene after trying to understand how our world became so unpredictable. I started to think about living in the
woods and wondered about the microcosm world that grows and lives
under the surface. As a child my grandmother read the stories of fairies
to me from the classic book of “All the Silver Pennies”.

✨There is a belief that if you build them (the fairy doors), they (the fairies) will come. ✨