Baggie Project an Interactive Art Installation about Addiction


Feelings about Addiction
The Baggie Project 10ft. long x 24″ in. high

What is it?

The Baggie Project is an art awareness project meant to start a dialogue about the real life struggles and emotions people deal with who are or have been affected by drug use – specifically heroin/opiates/fentanyl.

It is interactive in that people not only view this piece when on display at the various places we take it to (art gallery exhibits, public forums about drug use and addiction, and many more places) but are asked to write their own short response about addiction onto the supplied wax vellum papers (typical substrate for heroin to be placed on and sold).

Responses have been collected from family members and friends of those struggling with addiction, some in active addiction, as well as people in recovery. This project has visited many rehabilitation facilities, sober living communities, and AA and NA meetings.


* To help address the nation’s opiate/heroin epidemic affecting so many.

* Reduce the stigma of addiction and initiate a dialogue for and with people struggling with the disease.

* To advocate for drug rehabilitation and not just prison sentences. 25% of the world’s prisoners are incarcerated due in part to the “War on Drugs”.


The Baggie Project is a traveling installation piece that directly focuses on people’s responses or thoughts to drug addiction – specifically heroin/fentanyl. Over 400 vellum stamps (moisture-resistant wax-like paper – typical substrate for heroin to be placed on) have been written and collected over the years.